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I meant to post about our Fall Sports section a while back but got sidelined. We do this for every high school sports season and last year we won a first place Wyoming Press Award for Special Section. We usually hold a budget meeting with the sports reporters and they tell us what they’re writing about and they usually have an idea for a photo. They don’t always work and sometimes go completely out the window given the situation. Anyway, I thought I’d nerd out and write about how I went about making my part of the section.

The above portrait was supposed to portray the softball team’s casual attitude about the game. They’re all pretty tight with each other and that shows on an off the field. I made this photo with one bare bulb strobe with a warming gel to the left of the players.

Fall Sports Volleyball

The above portrait of three volleyball players was for a story about the team “Putting the Pieces Together” after their primary setter was moved to defensive specialist. I made the puzzle piece with a sheet of poster board. It was hung from a C stand and I shot through it with a 70-200mm. Steel Brooks lit the players for me with a beauty dish on a monopod.

Fall Sports Girls Cross Country

For cross country we decided we wanted to go with something of the coach that strayed from the portrait feel of the rest of the section. I went out to a practice where he told me he’d be running with the team. So I caught up with them a day later when he was actually doing some coaching. He said the boys off on a run at a local park under perfect overcast skies. I almost cried when he took off running to the half way mark of their run to call out times. I couldn’t catch him by the time they past but I caught him at another mark just as the first group of runners turned a corner on the path. No lights here, just a 50mm at 2.0.

Fall Sports Football

Our teams offensive line is burly this year with each of theses four guys weighing more than 245 pounds. I wanted to shoot this close and wide for perspective, but left the office with a bum pocket wizard. A planned for a strong back light but was only able to use a single silver umbrella.

Fall Sports Girls Swimming

This one was one my boss suggested, but I couldn’t recall how I saw it when she said it. So I kind of winged it. I one large silver umbrella on the foreground swimmers and a a softbox to light the girls in the pool. This one stands out to me because I shot it with the first lens I ever owned and shot with exclusively for years. A Vivtar 19mm 3.8, still a killer piece of glass.

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